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Sam Gray


Separation Consultant


Throughout a separation, each family will be met with their own individual challenges and issues. No two families will travel through a separation in exactly the same way. It can be a confusing time particularly when there are likely to be a number of opinions from a range of people spanning from close family and friends to professionals like family lawyers. 


Navigating a separation in the “least harmful way possible” can be tricky. As a Separation Consultant, Sam can equip you with knowledge and reality test your approach and actions. Most importantly, he is able to be a sounding board for you prior to, and throughout, your separation. 


Having worked in family law as a lawyer for a number of years, he has a sound understanding of the legal system and the processes in which families are able to resolve their matters.


In his work as a Separation Consultant, Sam does not provide legal advice. He will discuss legal concepts with you and explore what paths forwards are best suited to your situation. It is recommended that you obtain legal advice from a family lawyer. Sam will be able to discuss with you what type of lawyer or legal process you can select. The timing involved in your separation and the decisions that are made can be crucial. With his experience in family separation, Sam will be able to discuss and guide you in relation to what may be the best timing for your family moving forward. 


Sam encourages you to come with questions and concerns but he also asks that you prepare yourself to be open to thinking more laterally in order to become resolution focused. 


Please contact Kristin or Tara if you would like to book an appointment with Sam. 


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